Roman-Irish bathing

Roman-Irish bathing

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Roman-Irish bathing at Friedrichsbad

Immerse yourself in a total work of art with a long-term effect for all the senses and discover the luxury of warmth and tranquillity in the 145-year bathing tradition of the Friedrichsbad.

The relaxation experience in the Friedrichsbad is unique: the perfectly coordinated sequence of dry warm air and hot air, mild heat in the steam baths gradually warms up your body. The thermal water pools at different temperatures gently cool your body temperature down again - a feeling like being reborn. To crown it all, you are wrapped in a pre-warmed sheet in the relaxation room - rest & relaxation in its purest form, leading to complete relaxation.

On request and subject to availability, the soap & brush massage can be booked on site for an additional charge of 19.- euro.

Daily 9am - 10pm communal bathing. Last entry 3 hours before closing.

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