"Deluxe" luxury bath for two (120 mins)

"Deluxe" luxury bath for two (120 mins)

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You are led into the stylish "Quirinius" room - incidentally named after the ancient Roman consul of the same name. Here, a luxurious bathing experience in a magnificent ambiance awaits - with our exquisite TWIN tub for two that invites you to relax and feel at ease. As you enjoy your refreshing welcome drink, you can let the bath additive take effect as the hectic pace of the outside world fades from view. Afterwards, enjoy a cleansing body peeling as well as a whole-body massage that melts away stress.

Duration: 120 mins, for 2 person

This treatment can only be booked in the WellnessLounge of the Caracalla Therme and requires general admission. You can reserve your massage in advance through our online shop.

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